Quyang Don Stone Sculpture Art Co., Ltd. is located in known as "carving town" reputation Quyang Yangping zone. Company's existing senior and crafts 5, 8 and crafts, sculpture, 158 technicians, and teachers on a regular basis with Academy of Art-spot guidance to companies. The company has strong capability of independent design, our designers can produce according to customer requirements and design a variety of shapes sculpture. The main raw material is all marble and granite.
    Quyang Stone Sculpture Art Co., Ltd. Tang nearly one thousand varieties of stone, rich, wide range of topics, both Eastern and Western works of modern abstract works there, including for the construction decorative carvings, indoor and outdoor displays, temples, gardens, tourist areas, squares and other large sculptures, bronze statues and a variety of marble blocks and stone. Marketing products throughout the country, and has a large number of regular clients in Europe and America. I work by the users of praise.
    Hebei provincial capital Shijiazhuang in the main market mouth, there is a theme I made sculpture "Fruitful." Our work also includes: eight districts in Dalian, Liaoning Square sculpture project, Shijiazhuang West Park sculpture works. I survive by quality, reputation and development, "all for the customer," Our company aim is "to provide the best products and services." We welcome new and old customers to visit, guide, business negotiations.

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